How to navigate the Things you can Do Menu 

When a Content Author, Enhanced Folder Administrator, or Company Administrator edits a presentation, the Things You Can do Menu has several options you can select from to modify your content. Please see the table below with a description of each option and with linked resources for more information on how to use each.

Things you can do Menu  Description
Manage Slides 

Allows you to re-organize the slides of your presentation as well as download individual PowerPoint slides, add or remove audio, and delete content.

Manage Audio Provides several options of how to add audio to your presentation shown below:

Allows you to record your own narration to the presentation.

Allows you to request audio from a Guest Narrator.

Allows you to run background audio throughout the presentation. This can be selected from the default audio library or a custom background audio can also be uploaded.

Allows you to generate audio from slide notes.

Manage Video Sync

Allows you to include video alongside the guest narration to display next to your slides.

Add Attachment

Provides the ability to attach downloadable documents to a presentation.

Add A Question

Allows you to add Examination/Poll/Survey Questions to a presentation.

Replace Powerpoint Slides

Allows you to append or replace slides in your presentation.

Add Slides

Provides several different options shown below for adding different kinds of slides to your presentation.

Allows video files to be uploaded as a slide in your presentation.

Allows a website to be embedded as a slide in your presentation.

Allows the upload of document slides, such as a PDF, as a slide in your presentation.

Allows you to upload additional PowerPoint slides.

Allows photo filetypes, such as .PNG, to be uploaded as a slide in your presentation.

Merge Content

Allows you to merge Image/Audio/Attachment Data from other Presentations in Brainshark to your current presentation.

Conditional Redirects

Allows you to create rules that redirect users to the appropriate presentation, such as for users viewing in another language/device, for additional viewing flexibility.

My Media Library

A location for authors to upload Custom Logos, Author Photos, Question Backgrounds and Background Audio.

Download SCORM

Downloads a SCORM Package for the purpose of exporting a presentation to be used in an external Learning Management System (LMS).

Print Slides

Allows authors to print a Brainshark Presentation directly.


Runs a Viewing Details by Presentation report on the content. 

View Presentation

Views the Presentation as a preview.


Allows the author to share the content 


Deletes the presentation. 

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