How do I add a guestbook to a presentation?

If you are a content author and would like to track information on the viewers accessing your presentation, you will be able to by enabling a guestbook to the presentation.

To enable a guestbook on a presentation:

  1. Navigate to Edit Presentation.
  2. On the Presentation Properties tab, select Ask viewer to register with Guestbook.
  3. Click Edit to access Guestbook properties.
  4. In Guestbook Options, determine when you would like the Guestbook to appear:
    • Guestbook before viewing—viewer must enter required information prior to viewing.
  5. Guestbook Text will present to the viewer along with Guestbook fields. You can use the default text
    or replace it with your own.
  6. Set Enable “Remember Me” to Yes if you would like viewers to have the option to save Guestbook
    settings for subsequent views of your presentation, or No to restrict that option.
  7. Select Guestbook fields to be included. Available Guestbook fields will be listed with the option to
    Display on form, Require, or, in some cases, Choose from list:
    • Display on form shows the selected field on the Guestbook form presented to viewers.
    • Require ensures that viewers complete the selected field on the Guestbook form.
    • Choose from list allows you to enter field choices, separated by a semi-colon (and no
      space), from which viewers select allowing for increased reporting accuracy. For example,
      you could enter choices for the Department field (Sales; Marketing; HR; Compliance).
  8. Click Save to save changes to the guestbook.


  • For more information on capturing guestbook information, please see the following article on our training documentation that goes over Guestbooks in more detail: Capturing Viewer Data with a Guestbook.
  • Additionally, please view the following Training video that walks through how to enable a guestbook: Quick Tip: Add a Guestbook
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