How do I activate view receipts in a presentation?

If you would like to track who is viewing a presentation by being notified with detailed information on each user's view, you will be able to by activating view receipts.

To activate View Receipts on a presentation: 

  • Select Edit on the Presentation
  • On the Presentation Properties tab, scroll down and enable the Notify Me when this Presentation is Viewed checkbox
  • Next to Send viewing receipt to, enter the e-mail address(es) you would like to be notified when a user views the presentation
    • When entering multiple e-mail addresses into this field, separate the addresses with a comma
  • Next to the setting Send receipt, select when you would like the address(es) listed to be notified. This can be either:
    • After Viewing Ends
    • Before Viewing Ends 
    • Both Before and After Viewing
  • Select Save

NOTE: To deactivate view receipts on a presentation, you can by deselecting the checkbox next to the setting Notify Me when this Presentation is Viewed and selecting Save.

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