How do I set up completion criteria for a presentation?

As an Author, Company Administrator or Enhanced Folder Administrator, you can enable completion criteria for a presentation. Completion criteria for a presentation will require viewers to listen, view, and score an established amount of the presentation prior to gaining a completed view. 

To set up completion criteria for a presentation:

  1. Navigate to the Edit mode of the presentation.
  2. Towards the bottom of the Presentation Properties page, check the box next to Require viewers to complete presentation.
  3. Once this is checked, select the Edit button next to this option (see screenshot below):


Under the Completion Criteria section:

  • The requirements for:
    • Percentage of slides viewed: (0 - 100%)
    • Percentage of audio played: (0 - 100%)
      • Note: We recommend setting the percentage of audio played to 80% or less. Setting to 100% means that if the viewer misses even one second of the audio they will not achieve completion.
    • Test score needed to pass: (0 - 100%)
      • Note: Only include this if you have added at least one question slide. If a test score requirement is applied to a presentation without any questions present, viewers would be unable to meet completion.
  • Check the box next to Display a completion indicator if you'd like viewers to see when they have met the completion criteria 
  • Check the box next to
  • Check the box next to Include option to print certificate if you'd like viewers to be able to download their certificate directly from the completion indicator
  • Click Save or Apply

Under the Completion Branching section:

  • This allows you to direct users to a specific place once completion is met. Only one option can be selected at a time.
    • Do Nothing: if you do not want any branching
    • Go to Presentation: this allows you to direct users to another presentation. You can add the presentation using the Find button and searching for the presentation
    • Go to Web link: this option allows you to enter a web link you'd like viewers to visit upon completing the presentation 
    • Go to Completion Results: this allows viewers to access a printout of their viewing history and question responses. You can also include the option to print the certificate from the completion results 
    • Go to Completion Certificate: this allows viewers to access their certificate from the player 
  • Click Save or Apply

Under the Completion Certificate section:

  • Select the certificate you'd like to use from the drop-down menu
  • Decide if you'd like the certificate emailed to the viewer
  • Click Save or Apply
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