How do I convert a course into a presentation?

Sometimes authors need to convert a course into a presentation. For example, they created a course but now they want to export it as SCORM. You cannot download SCORM from a course, so you need to convert it to a presentation.

Content Authors can create a presentation using one blank PowerPoint slide as a placeholder, then use the Merge Content tool.

To convert a course into a presentation:

  1. Select your My Content tab, then click Create.
  2. Upload a blank 1 slide PPT file (this is a placeholder).
  3. Click Skip audio generation for now when prompted.
  4. Click Merge Content in the Things you can do menu.
  5. Click Search for presentation.
  6. Locate the course that you will take the content from (you can search for it by Title, Folder, or Presentation ID#), then click on the title once you locate it. 
  7. Click the 1st slide in the Left Table (source content), scroll to the last slide, hold the SHIFT key, then click the last slide (this should select all slides).
  8. Click Copy in the middle of both tables. 
  9. Click the first slide in the table on the right (the placeholder PPT slide).
  10. Click Remove Slide & Audio.
  11. Click Submit.

Note: External SCORM courses, sessions, or Learning activities cannot be converted to a presentation. 

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