How to Set Expiration Dates

When creating content in your Brainshark account you can set expiration dates for Presentations and formal learning Courses. 

Setting Presentation Expiration:

Our Expiring a Presentation quick tip walks through the steps and value of the feature. For presentations, you can choose the day and time when you want the presentation to be automatically rendered inaccessible to viewers. 

Setting Course Expiration:

There are two types of expiration for formal learning courses:

You can choose to expire based on how long someone has been enrolled, meaning you specific a time frame in which the learner can access the course from their point of enrollment.

  • For example, you can set that it expires 1 month from the point of enrollment. This is helpful if learners are being enrolled in the course on different days but you want them all to have the same amount of time to view the course. 

You may also set a specific date on which the course will expire for all learners. With formal learning courses, when you set a course to expire on a specific date, it will expire at 12AM ET on that date. 

To select a date on which to expire your course:

  • Log into your Brainshark account
  • Access the Learning tab
  • Click on Authoring
  • Select My Courses & Curriculums
  • Click the three dots and choose "Edit course"
  • Towards the bottom of the "Course information" tab you will see "Course Expiration"
  • Select a date and click the "submit" button on the right side of the page. 


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