How to download Brainshark slide audio to your computer

Once audio is uploaded and/or recorded to your presentation slides, you have the option of downloading the audio files and saving them to your computer.

  • Navigate to edit mode of the presentation
  • Select Manage Slides on the Things you can do panel on the left of the screen
  • For the slide with the audio you would like to download, click “Audio” next to the green and white plus symbol > download
  • Open and/or save to your computer
  • Repeat for each slide you’d like to download or save the audio for

NOTE: If you'd like to download an entire presentation's audio as one .mp3 file, you'll need to select the *Enable Podcast* option in your Presentation Properties, apply the change using the blue *Apply* button to create a download link, then select the Download link that generates next to the podcast's URL.

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