How to extract audio from a PowerPoint 2010 file

If using PowerPoint 2010 to record audio, users will want to extract the audio files, convert them to .mp3 files, and upload the .mp3s into Brainshark. Below are steps detailing this process (see file attached to this solution for screenshots)

How to change file extensions of PowerPoint2010:

  1. Open the folder in which the presentation is located
  2. Select the file and right click
  3. Select “Rename” from the dropdown menu that appears
  4. Change the extension from .pptx to .zip
  5. Open the .zip file
  6. Extract the .wav audio files
  7. Use a third-party audio editing tool to open the .wav files and convert them to .mp3s

If the file extension is hidden:

  1. Open the Start Menu
  2. Search Control Panel
  3. Select “Appearance and Personalization”
  4. Select “File Explorer Options”
  5. Select the “View” tab
  6. Remove the check beside “Hide extensions for known file types” and select Apply 

Uploading the .mp3s into Brainshark:

  1. Select the "Edit" for the appropriate Brainshark presentation
  2. Select the "Manage Slides" link, beneath the Things You Can Do menu
  3. Select the "Audio" link beside the slide to which you would like to upload the .mp3
  4. Select "Browse" and search for the file on your computer
  5. Repeat this process for all necessary slides
  6. Select Apply/Save
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