How To Allow Viewers to "Resume" a View

Content Authors can select whether or not viewers may "resume" a presentation from where they left off. This also allows the viewer to re-do previously incorrect quiz questions and/or complete additionally missed completion criteria. 

To enable this setting:

  1.  Locate the desired presentation in your Brainshark account

  2.  Select the three dots (Ellipses)

  3.  Select 'Edit' to enter the presentation 'edit mode'

  4.  Select the 'Options' tab toward the top center of the page, in gray

  5. Check the box for 'Resume views', toward the bottom of the page

  6. Press 'Save' to store your changes

Please Note:

  • If you have several users sharing the same computer you may not want this feature enabled.
  • This setting is dependent on the viewer returning to the same exact web browser, and same exact device.
  • If the viewer clears their cache history, this will also clear access to their former efforts. 
  • We recommend keeping the presentations under 1 hour so that the viewer cache history does not auto-clear their efforts as the browser may run out of cache storage. 
  • Please refer to this additional article on how the viewers may resume their views once enabled. 
  • If the author has made content changes to the presentation or course, then the end-user who has viewed content previously will not get the overlay on the next view. This means that any questions previously answered correctly will not be maintained on the next view and will be reset.
  • When logged in as the Author of a presentation the resume function is not supported.  When viewing as the author the content will always begin at the beginning of the presentation.
  • Resume Views is not supported for web content or HTML5 content slides. These would display the web page framed within our Brainshark player. Any additional functions that would permit the viewer to resume would be dependent on the source vendor whom provided the web/Html5 content.
  • Resume views cannot bring a viewer back to a particular time stamp within Video Slides. This would only be able to launch that particular slide from the beginning.


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