How to Re-Direct Viewers Using Branching

When you are using questions within a presentation, you may branch or redirect a user to a different area of the presentation, different presentation or web link depending on their answer. Branching may be used with any of the formats for the following question types: Examination, Poll. 

Note: Only one format for the Survey question type allows branching. This format is: Multiple Choice (choose one only).

To use branching, an author who has the privilege to create questions would take the following steps:

  • Edit a presentation
  • Add a question
  • Select a supported question type, then the format
  • Type in your question
  • Type in possible answers
  • Select the Branching tab
  • Highlight one of the answers
  • Select one of the radio box options on the right and decide where that response will bring the viewer. You may choose:
      • No branching (go to next slide)
      • Slide (which brings the viewer to a different slide within the existing presentation)
      • Presentation # (which closes the current Brainshark and brings a viewer to a different Brainshark presentation) 
      • Web Link (which closes the current Brainshark and brings a viewer to another web link)
      • Repeat the process for any additional answers that need to be branched, then select Save.

Additional Training:

Quick Tip on Question Branching.

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