How To Add Questions, Polls and Surveys to a Presentation

Content Authors may add questions, polls, and surveys to test a user’s knowledge, collect information, and keep them engaged with their content. To add questions, polls, or surveys to your presentation, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Edit mode of a presentation
  2. Select Add A Question from the left-hand "Things you can do" navigation panel
  3. Give your question slide a title
  4. Choose a Question Type (Examination, Poll, or Survey)
  5. Select the format you would like to use from the dropdown menu (Multiple Choice, True/False, etc.)
  6. Fill out the fields for Slide Title, Question, and Answer (if applicable)
  7. Use the Branching and Points and Feedback to further customize your question
  8. Select the Save button to save changes.

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