How do I create a podcast from my presentation?

If your Brainshark presentation contains audio, the content author may create a URL of the audio that can be sent as an audio podcast. This audio can also be downloaded as an MP3 file for offline listening.

To create a podcast:

  1. Navigate to your Home or My Content tab and edit your presentation.
  2. Mark the Enable Podcast checkbox located in the Presentation Properties tab to display the Podcast URL.
  3. Click Save/Apply to submit your changes.

Once completed, the link found in the Podcast URL textbox can now be shared with others. A Download link will also appear beside the URL once the Podcast setting is enabled if you wish to download an MP3 file of this audio.


  • Podcasting is currently not available for Brainshark Courses found in the Brainshark Learning module.
  • If your presentation contains only MP4 video slides and does not have any recorded Brainshark audio, it cannot be converted into an MP3 using this feature.


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