Customizing your presentation URL

While you cannot edit the beginning of your URL, you can customize your presentation URL by replacing the alphanumeric ending by using the "New Address" field on the presentation properties tab.

The rules are as follows:

  • There's no need to retype the entire URL in this field, only what you wish to replace in the ending. 
  • Your new address cannot include any spaces or special characters. Instead, you may wish to use an underscore (_) as a separator.
  • The same name cannot be used twice; each Brainshark URL on your site must be unique.

After clicking the "Apply" button, the updated URL will appear. If you wish to revert to the original default Brainshark URL, then remove the text within the New Address field and click "Apply".


Note: You may not delete or modify any other portions of the URL such as "" or your company login directory.  These will create invalid URLs that will generate a "page cannot be displayed" error when viewing.



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