How to add a tracking code to a presentation

Content Authors are able to include a tracking code when sending invitation links to view a presentation. This can be useful in reporting in conjunction with the Guestbook to determine who viewed the presentation and from where. To do this, do the following:

  • Click the Share link of the presentation
  • In the Tracking Code field, enter the tracking code you want to use. Do not use spaces or special characters in that field.

Note: Tracking codes are appended to presentation links and will be visible to recipient(s) so you may want to disguise them; for example, you could reverse the letters or use a numeric code.

To manually add a tracking code, append the URL to include the tracking code after the Brainshark link. 
By appending the string &tx= <textString> to the presentation link, where <textString> is the tracking code; for example, would track the URL sent to jsmith.

If you use the "New Address" function to change the vu?pi=xxxxx  part of the URL to a descriptive string (for example,, then you would add the tracking code as follows:

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