How to use background audio in a presentation

Background audio will be available for authors to use in their presentations if it has been enabled on the site. A Company Administrator has to enable 'Allow authors to upload background audio files for use in their presentations.' 

As a Company Admin, to allow authors to upload their own files to use for background audio on their presentations:

  • Click on your profile, then click Administration
  • Select Manage Company > Presentation Settings > General Properties from the left-hand Corporate Tools menu
  • Set 'Allow use of background audio in presentations' to Yes
  • Set 'Allow authors to upload background audio files for use in their presentations' to Yes
  • Save your changes by clicking Submit

Once this is enabled, authors can add their own custom background by following these steps:

  • Select My Content
  • Select My Media Library
  • Select the Background audio tab
  • Select the Add Background Audio link
  • Browse your device for an MP3 audio file
  • Select Save
  • Repeat these steps for any other background audio files you'd like to upload

To add background audio to your presentation

  • Edit a presentation
  • Select Manage Audio, then click Background Audio
  • Select Add Background Audio
    • Select My Library tab and make your selections
    • Select Company Library and make your selections
  • Click the Add Selected button
  • Choose your desired Playback Mode (Continuous or Play Once)
  • Select your Start and End Slide options
  • Set the Volume percentage for the audio file
    • Best practices recommend 40% or less if additional audio exists for the designated slides.
  • Make sure to Save or Apply your changes

NOTE: Copyright laws apply to any audio or music files uploaded to Brainshark and are the responsibility of the Brainshark User/Author.

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