What does unsupported content mean?

Brainshark ensures that when users upload content into our platform that the upload behavior is consistent for all supported content. If content behaves inconsistently when uploaded into our platform, we consider this unsupported content.

This does not mean that a file with unsupported content will always fail to upload into Brainshark, or populate error messages every time. Since the item is not fully supported by Brainshark, you may eventually encounter upload conversion failures, font distortions, loss of functionality with animations, or viewing errors.

If you do encounter any of these instances due to unsupported content, the content author or administrator will need to remove all of the unsupported content for the file to function optimally. 



  • Unsupported content on one slide can lead to errors on additional slides. We recommend to remove unsupported content from all slides in the deck, even if the error is only populating on one particular slide. 
  • Typically the error message related to unsupported content will state 'There is an issue with this slide content. Please contact your administrator'.


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