How To Add an Attachment to your Presentation

Attachments are a great tool for providing viewers with additional details or resources that complement your presentation. You can add any of the following documents as an attachment:

  • PowerPoint file
  • Photo
  • Video file
  • MP3 audio
  • URL
  • PDF or Document

To add an Attachment:

  1. Navigate to Edit Presentation
  2. Select Add Attachment from the Things you can do menu
  3. Click Browse to locate a file OR type the Web URL
  4. Update the Title if desired
  5. Click Save

You can also choose when and where you would like your attachments to appear. For example, you may choose to place them all on the attachments tab and allow users to download them at any point. Or, you may choose for different attachments to appear with corresponding slides.

Note: Regardless of when you choose for your attachments to appear, you should always call attention to them in the voice narration. This way your viewers know where they will find these helpful attachments. 



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