Can I have the webcam window be visible when using the Chrome/Edge Screen Recorder Extension?

At this time, it is possible to have the webcam window appear over a screen recording if you open another program such as PowerPoint. This is expected behavior of the Chrome/Edge extension. 

Our new and improved screen recorder now allows you to:

  • Show/Hide your Webcam video window
  • Use Picture-in-Picture to overlay any full screen presentation (e.g., Powerpoint)
  • PIP (Picture in Picture) PIP, also known as Picture in Picture, is an effect often used to overlay some smaller videos on a background clip, which enables you to simultaneously display two or more video clips on the screen.
  • Chrome/Edge Screen Recorder for BNSK Coaching is now available in the store (i.e., auto-navigate back to the launching browser window)

Users will see an announcement in the form of a notification prompt when they navigate to the Chrome/Edge Extension feature on the Coaching submission page.

Additional Training

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