How can I add HTML5 content as a presentation?

Any user with authoring permissions can create a Brainshark presentation by uploading an HTML5 package. To ensure that the HTML content plays correctly in Brainshark, the author may need to ensure that the HTML content is directing to the correct .html file (typically this is the story.html file)

Please follow the steps below to upload the HTML content correctly:

  1. Select the Content tab.
  2. Select Create Presentation from the Content drop-down menu, or from the right side of the landing page.
  3. Select HTML5 from the left-hand menu of upload options.
  4. On this page that appears, you can upload the HTML .zip file by selecting the blue upload arrow (see below):
  5. Once you select the file, the upload and conversion process begins.
  6. After the conversion is complete, please make sure to select story.html under the HTML file:
  7. To complete the upload, please click Next.

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