Where do I find the Presentation ID #? 

Every Brainshark presentation is associated with a unique nine-digit identifier code, aptly named the Presentation ID. We in Support gather these Presentation ID’s to assist in locating presentation specific information. The presentation ID# can be found when viewing a presentation, when editing a presentation, or when viewing the presentation URL.

To find a presentation ID# when viewing a presentation:

  1. Select the 3 vertical dots in the lower right-hand corner of the Brainshark player
  2. Select Presentation Details from the drop-down menu shown below
    • blobid0.png
  3. The number listed next to ID#: is the presentation ID#
    • blobid1.png 

To find the presentation ID# when editing a presentation:

  1. When in your Brainshark account, select Edit on a specific presentation
  2. Once in the Presentation Properties tab, you will be able to find the presentation ID# just below the presentation title or you can find this information by copying the URL in the Current Address field: 
    • mceclip1.png

To find the presentation ID# from the URL link to a presentation:

  1. Find the URL link that begins with the following format: www.brainshark.com/...  
  2. Copy the URL and provide this URL link to Support
    • The presentation ID# will be listed next to the parameter pi=
    • Please note that the link must be collected from when the Training is open and launched.  





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