Why am I missing the "Create" option?

If you log into your Brainshark account and do not have the option to create a new presentation, your authoring permissions set in your user profile may not be properly set to give you this ability.

For a user to see the Create option in their account, both actions will need to be performed by a Company Administrator with your organization:

  • The "User can create presentations from upload" privilege enabled in their user profile
  • Authoring permissions to at least one content folder

Company Administrators, see the steps below on how to allow users to see the Create option:

  1. Navigate to Administration
  2. In the Users card, click Manage Users
  3. Locate the user whose permissions you are looking to edit and select Edit Profile from the Actions button located on the far right
  4. Scroll down to the User privileges section and ensure that User can create presentations from upload is selected
    • Optional: You can also select "Create a personal authoring folder for this user" from the User properties section to provide this user with their own unique content folder
  5. Click Submit
  6. Select Set Permissions from the left-hand side
  7. Ensure that the Author checkbox is selected for at least one content folder within your company
  8. Click Submit

Note: If you do not know who your Company Administrator is, please create a ticket with Brainshark Support so that a Customer Support Representative can reach out to your Administrator with your request.


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