How to use Mailto links in your Presentation in conjunction with Question Slides

The use of mailto: links in combination with Completed Criteria is not fully supported due to limitations with the Flash Player. The clicking of the mailto: link will break the viewing session, which will result in completion data not passing to Brainshark reporting.  


Any questions answered and score accumulated after the Mailto link is launched from the player window are not captured in Brainshark. 

Cause: The is caused by how Flash handles Mailto links launched from within a browser window and the viewing session loses it's connection to Brainshark.

Solution:  Due to security concerns and mobile support, in addition to dwindling browser support for FLASH, Brainshark products are moving towards HTML5 for viewer support. Customers with Flash player support issues are encouraged to implement identified workarounds until our HTML5 player offers comparable capabilities and our Flash player has been deprecated.


Work Arounds:  

Work Around #1

  • put the Mailto Hyperlink  on a single pptx slide and upload that slide as it's own presentation
  • Use Question Branching to launch the presentation with the hyperlink.


Work Around#2

  • Put the Mailto hyperlink in a text file or word document. 
  • Upload the attachment to the Presentation.
  • Edit the Attachment properties to have the attachment display on the attachments tab and/or to be shown with the question slide.
  • Instruct the user to access the attachment via Question Feedback or by adding audio to the question slide.





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