Why does my URL Slide appear blank?

This occurs when your Brainshark account is set as a secure site (uses HTTPS) but the URL used in the presentation is an "HTTP" URL.

  • For some URLs, you (as the author of the presentation) can simply modify it to reflect "HTTPS" instead of "HTTP" in the URL slide.
  • Some websites do not offer "HTTPS" versions, and therefore the best way to work around this is to have the URL launched outside of the player window. 
  • Some websites that are HTTPS do not allow for the web page to be iframed within the Brainshark player, regardless of whether your Brainshark Account is HTTP or HTTPS. In this situation, the best option is to have the URL set to launch outside of the player or added as an attachment. You can learn more about this feature through the resources below found in our Brainshark Training portal:

Additional Training

Adding Hyperlinks to Your Slides

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