Why does my recorded audio get cut off?

Symptom:  After recording audio using your microphone/headset in Brainshark, sometimes the playback will be cut off.

Cause:  This is usually caused by the hardware acceleration setting either in the Flash settings or the headset's software.

Fix: If adjusting the Flash setting does not resolve the issue, please see your Microphone/headset's documentation to determine if there is a software setting for the microphone to deactivate hardware acceleration.


For Flash:

  • While on the recording screen right click in the black area above the recording controls.
  • Select Settings in the dropdown menu.
  • On the first tab in the flash settings deselect the Hardware Acceleration checkbox then click close.


  • Please note that Internet Explorer will no longer be a supported web browser by Brainshark after 8/17/21. 



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