How do I enable the Leaderboard for Coaching?

Leaderboards allow reviewers to select specific video submissions to share with participants. A coaching activity creator or a head coach can enable this at the activity level, but only a company administrator can enable this option for your Brainshark Site.

To enable the leaderboard on a coaching activity:

  • Navigate to the Coaching tab
  • Find the activity and select the three dots (ellipses) on the right followed by Edit Activity
  • Select Settings in the upper right-hand corner 
  • Select Leaderboard from the left-hand menu
    • If you do not see this option, please contact your company administrator as they will need to enable this option for your site first.
  • Toggle the setting Enable leaderboard for this activity to ON
  • Complete the remaining leaderboard settings as desired
    • Allow peer feedback - This will allow participants to submit feedback to peer submissions that display on the leaderboard.
    • Only display [top submissions by number or percentage] - This will ensure that only the top submissions appear on the leaderboard.
  • Press OK
  • Next, scroll down and select Save

Please see this screenshot which highlights the steps above:


Note: If your leaderboard options do not match the screenshot above, please contact your company administrator as they will need to enable these options for your site.


For the leaderboard option to be available on the activity level, a Company Administrator must enable this for your Brainshark Site first. 

To enable Leaderboards for your site:

  • Navigate to the Administration
  • Select Manage Coaching
  • Check the box for Enable Leaderboards
  • Review additional Leaderboard settings that can be enabled
  • Press Save to store changes 


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