How do I create a coaching activity as a course?

If you are a Learning Author, Learning Administrator, or Company Administrator and you have the user privileges to create Coaching activities; you can create a coaching activity as a course. This will allow you to add an interactive element to a curriculum, and it's an excellent way to assess whether or not people can apply what they learned in your program.


To create a coaching activity as a course:

  1. Navigate to the Learning tab
  2. Select Authoring
  3. In the drop-down menu, select Create Course
  4. On this page, select Create a Coaching Activity and click Submit.
  5. Complete the following sections:
    • Add a Title (required) and instructions
    • You can insert "Brainshark Content and "Attachments" if needed
    • Add reviewers
        • Click the Plus Sign to select "Individual Users" and /or "Groups and click the person's name to add them as the reviewer.
        • If the participant's Manager and /or Coach is listed in their user profile, check the appropriate box to include them as reviewers.
    • Establish the Feedback Categories and select the Grading System
    • Enable Machine Analysis if applicable 
    • Click SETTINGS to review and establish the Leaderboard, E-mail, Practice, and Submission type settings
  6. When all your settings are established, click Save and Return to Course.
  7. You are automatically brought to the Course Details page. From here, follow the regular process to create a course.

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