How do I set default score criteria for Coaching?

As a Company Administrator, you can set the default score criteria for Coaching Activities, and decide how much control you'd like your activity creators to have over modifying those criteria. 

  • Navigate to Administration
  • On the Coaching Card, select Score Criteria 

Here you will have the following options to change the Default Categories:

  • Add- Adds a new category to this page 
  • Title- Name the Category you'd like to add
  • Description- Add a description of how the response will be graded or what the reviewer should look for
  • Weight- The percentage of the overall score you want this category to count for
  • Lock- Locking a category means the title, description, and weight will not be editable by an activity creator
  • Delete- Removes a category from this page


  • At the bottom of the page, you can decide if you'd like coaches to be able to change, add or remove the categories set here. 

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