How to add a Coaching submission to the Leaderboard

If you would like to make a Coaching submission visible on the leaderboard you will be able to as the creator of the activity or as a Head Coach (Coaching Administrator).

To add a Coaching submission to the leaderboard, if not yet visible:

  • Select Coaching
  • Select the title of the Coaching activity
  • Select Choose Participant and choose the correct participant
  • Ensure that Entry Visible on Leaderboard is enabled
  • Click Submit

Note: If there are multiple reviews for the same submission, all reviewers must check this box in order for the submission to appear. 

To create a presentation from a Coaching submission:

  • Navigate to the leaderboard by either:
    • Select To Leaderboard in the upper-righthand corner when in the edit mode of an activity or when selecting a participant
    • Go back to the list of Coaching activities and select the Leaderboard icon
  • Once in the Leaderboard, select the Table icon in the upper-righthand corner. This will display the submissions in a table view rather than a thumbnail view.
  • Select the box to the left of the user's submission
  • Select Save Selected as New Content
  • For the newly created presentation, enter the following in the window that appears:
    • Title
    • Description
    • Folder
    • Active status
    • Discoverable by search setting
  • Select Create 
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