How to create a new Coaching activity

If you have the user privileges to create Coaching activities, you will be able to from the Coaching section of your account. 

To create a new coaching activity:

  1. Navigate to the Coaching tab.
  2. Select the Create button located at the top right of your page.
  3. Select Coaching Activity.
  4. There will be four tabs at the top of the page which will need to be completed. Please see below for further details on each tab:


  1. Add a title (required) and instructions
  2. Attach content if additional materials are required. 
    • Brainshark presentations may be attached; or individual files such as PPT, PDF, JPEG, DOC, PNG.
  3. Add participants (at least 1 is required) and reviewers.


Feedback and Grading:

  1. Select the Grading System for the activity. This may include a numerical grading scale, Pass/Fail, or None.
  2. Modify the Feedback Categories and associated percentages. The individual percentages will need to accumulate to 100 percent.

Automated Feedback:

  1. Click the toggle toward the top right to enable automated feedback.
  2. Select the language.
  3. Activity creators may decide to enable Advanced Feedback via the toggle below the language selections.
  4. Enter any Topic phrases you would like the participants to include or avoid.
  5. Enter any Metrics you wish to enable:
    • Rate of speech
    • Number of retries allowed
    • Filler words percentage.
    • Set duration. 
    • Grade level.


  1. Email Notifications:
    • Set whether email notifications will be sent to participants. 
    • Set whether the Reviewers will receive email to announce the activity or receive daily reminders.
  2. Leaderboards:
    • Select the toggle to the right of the Leaderboard section to enable the Leaderboard for the activity. '
    • Select whether Peer Feedback is permitted.
    • Select if the participant's Scores and Submissions will display on the Leaderboard.
    • Select if the Leaderboard should be visible to the participants prior to their own submission.
  3. Practice:
    • Check this box if you would like for participants to be able to share their takes with peers for feedback, prior to submission to the reviewer. 
  4. Submission Types:
    1. There are multiple options the activity creator may enable for their participants. These include:
      • Recording a video.
      • Uploading a video file.
      • Ability to create screen-recordings.
      • Document uploads.

Once each of these tabs have been filled out please press the Save or Save as Draft button to store progress or sent invitations.



  • For more information on creating a coaching challenge, view this helpful video tutorial.
  • If you do not see the create icon to the right side of your Coaching dashboard, you will need to contact your Company Administrator. They will need to assign you the user privilege to create coaching activities for this option to be visible.
  • Participants will receive an e-mail notification with a link to take the challenge and will be able to upload their submissions from any device and any location.
  • The Mobile app is limited to record or upload only. 
  • Automated Feedback was formerly called Machine Analysis.
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