How to create a new Coaching activity

If you have the user privileges to create Coaching activities, you will be able to from the Coaching section of your account. 

To create a new coaching activity:

  • Navigate to Coaching
  • Select the red "+" icon to the right side of your Coaching dashboard and select New activity
  • Complete the following sections:
    • Add a title (required) and instructions
    • Attach content in the instructions section
    • Add participants (at least 1 is required) and reviewers
    • Establish the Feedback Criteria and select the Grading System
    • Enable Machine Analysis if applicable 
    • Establish the Leaderboard, E-mail, Practice, and Submission type settings
  • Select Send

For more information on creating a coaching challenge, view this helpful tutorial.


  • If you do not see the red "+" icon to the right side of your Coaching dashboard, you will need to contact your Company Administrator. They will need to assign you the user privilege to create coaching activities for this option to be visible.
  • Your participants will receive an e-mail notification with a link to take the challenge and will be able to upload their submissions from any device and any location.
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