Why are coaching submissions not available for new managers to review after updating user profiles?

When creating and distributing a Coaching activity, you have the ability to add individual submission reviewers who can review all participant content. Additionally, you can also choose to Assign each participant's Manager as their Reviewer (as shown in their unique user profiles - see below for reference):


In the event the Manager of an Activity participant is updated in their user profile after they've already completed a submission, the previous Manager will no longer be able to view their submission and leave feedback. Likewise, the newly assigned Manager will also be unable to access this submission as the initial upload was not originally assigned to them. This may cause submissions to be left un-reviewable in certain scenarios.

To work around this, the Activity Creator (or a Head Coach) will need to "re-send" invitations to the appropriate managers by performing the following steps:

  1. Head to your Coaching tab, then locate your activity and select Edit Activity or Edit Course from the 3 dot menu under the Actions column.
  2. Verify that the appropriate reviewer preferences are set, then simply select Save / Sent / Save and Return to Course on the bottom-right of this page (note the wording of this button may vary depending on how the activity is created and shared).
    • This will effectively push through any submissions meant to be visible to any new managers, which should allow them to review their new direct reports' submissions.

Please note: In this scenario, the new Manager will not be automatically notified that these submissions are ready to review. Submissions must be accessed through the Coaching dashboard directly while logged into Brainshark.

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