2019 Product Release Notes

Below you will find release notes pertaining to all product releases.  Please contact support@bigtincan.com with any questions.

Please note: Due to the nature of our 2019.3 release, no product release notes are provided.

December 2019 (2019.7)

  • Reviewer Enhancements
  • Personalization of Content Without Flash

October Release (2019.6)

  • Text-based Coaching Activities
  • Delete User Process Enhancements
  • Mobile App Learning Activities

September 2019  (2019.5)

  • External Coaching Activities
  • Learning Status Enhancements
  • REST API Enhancements

July 2019  (2019.4)

  • Knowledge & Skills Library
  • Machine Analysis Transcription enhancements
  • Improved Mobile App viewing experience
  • Reporting Catalog enhancements
  • Enrollment Report update for group managers
  • User management bulk upload improvements

April 2019  (2019.2)

  • Learning activities: create checklists of activities for users to complete outside of Brainshark
  • Miscellaneous learning UX improvements
  • ‘Manage Presentations’ page redesign
  • View courses and curriculums as separate categories in Team Dashboards
  • Custom date filtering in Team Dashboards
  • Completion branching improvements
  • Mobile App localization support

February 2019  (2019.1)

  • New content search in CRM Connector for Salesforce v5.6
  • Coaching activity leaderboard controls
  • Machine Analysis available on the web browser
  • Self-enrollment control for course sessions
  • Moving students to a different course session
  • Session location added to calendar
  • Session enrollment table updates
  • Report description improvements
  • ‘Course Enrollment’ report enhancement
  • ‘Challenge Details’ report enhancement
  • ‘Presentations Data’ report enhancements
  • Mobile App v4.3: ‘Learning Enrollments’ page enhancements
  • Mobile App v4.3: ‘Course Details’ page enhancements
  • Mobile App v4.3: ‘Curriculum Details’ page enhancements
  • Mobile App v4.3: Course sessions

Release notes for previous years can be found here: 2014-2018 Product Release Notes

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