2022 Brainshark Product Release Notes

Please find below all product release notes to the Brainshark platform in 2022. If you have any questions, please contact support@bigtincan.com. 

December 22 2022


  • The Coaching Feedback & Dashboard page update received a few minor enhancements.
    • View-Based URLs: Captures user selection on the Dashboard page in URLs. This introduces the ability to save the view that is specific to a user's need as a bookmark.
    • Add Leaderboard to the Filters: The sort of Leaderboard in the previous Dashboard Page has been removed and an option to filter by Leaderboard has been added.

December 8 2022


  • The updated Coaching Feedback & Dashboard pages have now been released. - Help Article
    • This release focuses on modernizing & bringing in alignment with our company look and feel.


  • Company Administrators and Rekener Administrators should now be able to see all layouts within "Manage Layouts".

November 25 2022


  • Bulk Update Course Event Attendance has been released. - Help Article
    • As a course session author, you will now be able to update the enrollments in a specific session by importing a .CSV file of all students who attended a session.
    • Previously, when a session had ended, the author would need to add students who joined late, or remove students who did not attend, one-by-one before marking the session complete.

November 22 2022


  • Bulk Update for usernames and emails has been released. - Help Article
    • Company Administrators now have the ability to update usernames and emails without reaching out to support.
    • Administrators can now download a template that allows the administrator to manually update multiple users’ usernames and/or email addresses.


  • Calendar Panel added to Panel types in Scorecards. - Help Article
    • The new Calendar Panel in Scorecards allows you to visualize a metric activity over a long span of time.

October 12, 2022


  • Bulk Perm Delete has been released. - Help Article
    • Company Administrators have the ability to permanently delete more than one user at a time. 
    • Provides the ability for the Company Administrator to download a .csv spreadsheet.
    • They must then populate the spreadsheet with Usernames to be permanently deleted(must be previously soft deleted).
    • They will need to fill out the Action to be taken, “Delete” and the Reason for deletion.
    • Reason values are Company Policy, GDPR delete, user request, or Other.
    • The Company Administrator then uploads the file and clicks submit. The process is run instantly.
  • Removed requirement for changing password when changing username.

September 14, 2022


  • Custom Self Registration releases on September 27th. - Help Article
  • Company Administrators and Folder Administrators can now rename the root folder. - Help Article
  • Group Managers should now only be able to see and select to send reminder emails to members or groups that they manage and should not see users outside of their groups.
  • Company Administrators now have the ability to manage sharkive/company redirect.


  • Customers using default colors in their grid panels will see an updated, Bigtincan branded color pallet starting Sept 13th.  The range of shades went from 10 shades to 7, as some of the lighter shades were not distinguishable. 
  • UX improvement to Manage Layouts Modal makes it easier for Admins to edit layout permissions and include the ability to select groups.
  • Resolved an issue where inconsistent naming conventions appeared in the product (Sales Rep and User) - now always called “User”.

August 30, 2022


  • The new Content Portal user interface has now been released for all customers. - Help Article
  • Minor updates have been made to the Brainshark Player to refine WCAG compliance.

August 2, 2022


  • The new Scorecards Directory pages have a new updated look and feel aligned with the recent Brainshark learning pages.
    • The advantage of these updates are:
      • Our Reps and Activity pages now include filtering capabilities
      • Were able to display more information that’s easier to read
      • Columns headers are sortable
      • Manager's and author's columns are linkable for quick navigation


July 6, 2022


  • Scheduling Snapshots Frequency
    • Users now can now set the frequency to "Once" while scheduling a Snapshot. This is especially useful for customers that don’t want a scheduled snapshot or want to view a snapshot before including their teams.

June 23, 2022


  • Bulk user soft delete - Help Article

    • The bulk delete action button will be displayed on the Manage users page accessible by Cadmins and Ladmins.

    • User can download the template and upload the .CSV which is processed instantly. If processed with errors, the user can then download the error report. User will receive a confirmation upon successful processing.

    • Important to tell customers that deletion of content is non-recoverable-ensure all fields are completed. Empty ReassignContent field is the equivalent of “delete all”.

    • Cadmin continues to have the ability to manually restore or perm delete individual users

    • Updated spreadsheet to only support empty fields if the user has no content (ReassignContent field) or has no manager associations(ReassignMgr).

  • Course Sessions Updates

    • Copy Session: When Managing Sessions, you can now duplicate a session in the same course to accelerate creating sessions

    • Fixes:

      • Preventing an issue that allows the author to take a student that is enrolled in a completed session and enroll them in a new session. Also prevents issues with completion date records not updating.

      • The completed date for a course session enrollment will now be set to the last session date so it's displayed in reports and to the student, rather than the date an admin marks the course complete.

June 21, 2022


  • New Settings Page has been released! Help Article

    • Includes
      • Allow Group Managers & Learning Authors to Create Scorecard Snapshots
      • Default Laning Page & Layout - Individual Users
  • Snapshots V2 - Save and Schedule a Snapshot - Help Article 
    • Snapshots will not be created and scheduled in the same modal eliminating confusion on where to schedule a snapshot after creation
    • Users will be able to select groups as snapshot recipients not only individuals 
  • Allow Coaches to view Coaching Activities - Help Article 

May 19, 2022


  • Advanced filter conditions are now much easier to create.

    • Our current Advance Filter is not as intuitive and relies on knowing how to create excel formulas for and/or conditions. Customers typically reach out to their account manager or implementation specialist to help create these custom advanced filters. This update will make it easy for anyone to use our advanced filters in Scorecards moving forward.
    • Our new Filter will be available in the following locations:
        • Pages With Filter Modal
        • Groups Page
        • Panels With Filter Modal
        • Grid Panel
        • Curriculum Breakdown by Course - Groups Details Page
        • Curriculum Breakdown by Course - User Details Page
        • Coaching Activities Details - Groups Details Page
        • Rep to Team Comparison

April 28, 2022


  • Filter by Groups & User Properties on Activity Pages 

    • Group Managers now have the ability to view activity pages.

    • The Activities Tab and all the activities nested in the dropdown are now able to be seen. 

    • The Activities display within the Activity Index Pages that one or more member has been a part of.

    • Presentations that a Group manager has Authored will continue to display.

    • When a group manager navigates to an Activity Details page, it will only show group members they manage similar to when a Group Manager lands on the home page.

April 12, 2022


  • Grid Panel Export CSV 
    • Respect Primary Key renaming
      • The option is now available in panels to rename the Primary Key. However, when exporting a panel, the CSV reverts to calling the Primary key "Name".
      • We now respect the chosen name for the column, much like the other columns do.
    • Only include Totals row if Panel includes Totals row
      • When exporting a CSV, we automatically include a Totals row, even if the panel is not set up to include a Totals row. We now only include the Totals row if the panel has that option selected.

April 5, 2022


  •  Filter Improvement 
    • Added "Relative Date" Comparator Condition. 
    • Improvement for our “User Created Date” Metric is still being worked on. Filtering by this metric will now include a relative date comparator. This will allow users to see all users created within a distinct time frame.
  •  Course Sessions in Scorecards 
    • Now able to bring in "Course Session" details from BNSK.
    • The layout is restricted and panel choices are shown based on available data. 

March 15, 2022


  • Dashboard Header Redesign
    • Ability to sync data from any page with top navigation access.
    • Added new breadcrumb features and improved dropdowns for effortless navigation.
    • Increased efficiency through the global date range selection menu.
    • Slimmer dashboard heading design to allow for increased visibility of information when expanded.  


March 3, 2022


  • Modal Language Consistency
    • Updated all action buttons to "Cancel" & "Apply"
  • Reviewer & Coaching Insight Panel Updates 
    • Added redirect links to the insights panels so clicking a representatives name will redirect you to their scorecard


  • Navigation Updates (releasing the week of March 7th)
    • To better support Learning Authors and Administrators we are implementing sub-navigation from the Learning tab in the header. Learning Authors and Administrators are now able to navigate directly to the My Courses & Curriculums, Create Course, or Create Curriculum page from the top navigation bar. 


January 20, 2022


  • Grid Panel Updates:
    • UX Improvement for drill downs to become more responsive and consistent along with an added drop shadow for improved visibility have launched. Additionally, updates to the loading state have improved and the system will not launch the drill down if there are “0” results.
    • Users now have the ability to search from the panel header of the table all information, this is similar to the functionality of the grid panel drill downs.


  • Chrome/Edge Screen Recorder improvements include the ability to show/hide webcam window and overlay full-screen presentation with webcam video (Picture-in-Picture).

Release notes for 2021 can be found here: 2021 Brainshark Product Release Notes


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