Why do I receive "Failed to Convert" when attempting to upload my PowerPoint?

When uploading a PowerPoint file to Brainshark, you may experience a file conversion error due to any of the following conditions:

  • File is encrypted
  • File is password protected 
  • File is corrupt
  • The file size is too large 
  • The file contains slides that are all marked hidden
  • The file contains 3D models.  These are not supported
  • The file contains 3D model animation types that are not supported
  • The file contains unsupported fonts
  • The file contains slide numbers
  • The file contains transitions
  • The file contains embedded video
  • The file contains embedded audio (Not in a .WAV Format)
  • The deck contains invalid, secured, or broken hyperlinks

To troubleshoot, please check to see if any of the above conditions apply to your PowerPoint file, make any necessary edits, and re-upload. If your PowerPoint still fails to upload, please contact Support.

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